What is a Digital Footprint?

The internet has made some amazing changes to the way we buy and sell real estate. Buyers can now easily search for their next home whenever and wherever they please. Also, sellers have the option to include multimedia like videos, floorplans and images to attract buyers.

There are some negative elements associated with using the internet to sell or purchase property. It’s important that your agent can effectively combat these to protect you and your sale price.

Once anything is published it is very difficult, if not impossible to be removed. Internet users can access information such as previous sales on a property and the price it sold for. Sales campaigns are also recorded including time on market, advertised prices and failed campaigns.

So if you are selling your home and only purchased it recently or had a failed auction campaign, how will your agent protect you from a poor digital footprint? Speak to us today for more information.


Written by Dino Salvatore of McDonald Partners Real Estate
You can contact Dino on 02 9525 8066