Cold Sell

We are starting to get into the colder months of the year. Many people considering going on to the market to sell their homes are facing a conundrum – sell in winter or wait until spring.

Aside from the practical considerations such as work commitments, school terms and actually being ready to go on the market, the impact of the season on a campaigns success is often misinterpreted.

The winter vs spring debate rolls around every year with predictions of low or no activity over winter and a plethora of new listings ready for the spring market.

Firstly, there will be a lot of new listings to hit the market in spring that have been held back over winter. Secondly, houses present better in spring than winter.

These two points can cause people to jump to a third, incorrect assumption. The assumption being spring is a better time to sell than winter.

Winter is often under-rated as a selling season. The fact that many competing home sellers hold their properties back creates a shortage of stock over winter, this means buyers have less choice and the demand is higher.

Admittedly, the presentation may not be as good in winter, but does that matter if the price is right?