Apps for your home

Smartphones have really changed the way we communicate, find information, and generally live our day to day lives. There are plenty of great apps to help homeowners too, lets take a look at a few.

iHandy Level – This app is so simple but so valuable. If you are hanging artwork or installing a shelf and cant find the spirit level just reach for your phone.

Paint Tester – The easiest way to test a paint colour without even leaving the room, snap a quick photo and choose the wall and paint colour and it will generate the image. Dulux Australia also has a similar app with their own colours built in.

Pinterest – The app connects to the large social network, the reason it is great for home owners is because there are categories for interior designs, home cleaning tips and hacks. Pinterest is a great app for those who like to keep there home on trend or get ideas for renovating.

There are also endless apps on the online stores for homeowners to maintain budget, bills and mortgage payments. Just remember, no phones at the dining table!