November 18, 2016

Inspecting the Strata Books

As more apartments are constructed, many people will be moving into strata living arrangements for the first time. If you are purchasing a strata title property it’s crucial that you buy into a good apartment and a well managed building. Many people who buy into a building mistakenly make their purchasing decision exclusively on the […]

November 18, 2016

VPA on the rise

The cost of advertising a home is rising and beginning to resemble the newspaper era. Owners are being offered or sold advertising campaigns up to and above $10,000. The cost of the campaign is paid upfront by the seller regardless of the success of the campaign. VPA stands for Vendor Paid Advertising. Agents will also […]


November 18, 2016

Mystery shop potential real estate agents

The selection of the selling agent is usually decided upon from an interview and/or a sales proposal process. Whether it’s an interview or a sales proposal that you are using to determine your agent, neither actually shows the agent in action. Agents are fully rehearsed with scripts and dialogues to ensure a slick presentation when […]


November 18, 2016

How much will it lease for?

Investors entering the property market need to protect themselves against overzealous rental quotes. Often the agent spruiking the proposed rental return is a sales agent and not a property manager. To protect yourself against an unwanted and unexpected shortfall in the income on your new investment, disregard a selling agent’s rental assessment. That’s not to […]


August 30, 2016

Emotion versus Logic in Real Estate

Buying or selling residential real estate is likely to be one of the most emotionally charged transactions you will do in your life. Buying or selling in an emotional state can sometimes lead to poor decisions. Whether it’s the buyer that overpays or the seller who declined the best offer, we are all susceptible to […]


August 23, 2016

Navigating the Pest and Building Inspection

When you are selling your home, a poor pest and building inspection can derail the sales campaign. Genuine issues that neither the seller, buyer or agent expected can be damaging. The buyer can think crucial information has been withheld and the seller can feel as though the buyer is using a tactic to lower the […]


August 23, 2016

Real Estate in the Sutherland Shire

As we approach the end of winter we can now reflect back on the real estate market of the last few months in the Sutherland Shire. Winter always shows a trend of slowing, there is no denying that as the weather cools down humans also tend to hibernate, so the idea of moving home or […]

Susan & James Review McDonald Partners Real Estate – 5 Star Review

August 20, 2016

Susan & James Review McDonald Partners Real Estate – 5 Star Review

Mark Noble and the team at McDonald Partners sold Susan and James’s home in Grays Point, here is a little about what they thought of the service. Call McDonald Partners Real Estate for more information! 02 9525 8066 (24 Hours) Get a free property report at McDonald Partners are the local property experts […]


July 4, 2016

How’s The Market?

Despite the negative talk surrounding property prices in 2016, it is now becoming apparent that what experts warned could happen has not actually happened. The May interest rate cut has stimulated the Sydney housing market right at the time that many felt the boom was done for. Many economists will state that this is unhealthy […]


June 17, 2016

Identifying the Real Return

When a property sells for $1 million and later resells for $1.5 million, many people jump to the conclusion that the owners made about $500,000 profit. You often see this type of commentary in the property pages of newspapers about the real estate transactions of sports stars, celebrities and socialites. We know that there are […]

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